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Learn Beyond Curriculum

We aim to enhance our strength beyond the curriculum by training our members to their fullest potential

Our goals include Conduct of:
  • Training programmes
  • Workshops and conferences
  • Technical and cultural fests
  • Outreach programmes

CODIAC's ultimate take on gaming, via the LexPlay. The event ensures the ultimate gaming experience. Remember, winning is all that counts here!

Trivia Trek is our take on knowledge and adventure, via the mega quiz show. Consisting of several interesting levels, the show makes sure that no one, contestants as well as audience, are left unimpressed

With hopes of saving lives and encouraging people to do the same, we launched CEM Drop, your best friend when you are in need of blood. You can also donate blood by signing up


A workshop provides a way to create an intensive educational experience in a short amount of time. The word workshop implies that work will be done in a shop like atmosphere. This means the center of attention should be on the students doing work, not on the expert gloating in their own ego.A lecture has the spotlight on the speaker, but a workshop has the spotlight on each of the students.


At Tech Talks, we examine trends in technology, how they affect the way we live and do business, and the problems they solve. But we also discuss the evil side of technology, the darker implications of new tech and what we need to look out for.The idea is to be able to make the most out of the benefits provided by new tech trends, and to minimize the trade-offs and costs.


Hackathons are a place where many passionate professionals or students in Technology and Business Development actively participate - form diverse teams, make their pitches, adds their expertise and work towards creating a solution.It is one such opportunity where you make many new friends from diverse backgrounds whom you would have never met, and learn new things from mentors & teammates. Above all, Hackathon helps you to see a problem from multiple perspectives and arrive at a solution


‘Less is more’ – but that doesn’t hold true for webinars. Defying all the latest communication trends towards everything being shorter and quicker, the average viewing time for webinars is increasing year on year, and currently stands at an average of 56 minutes! The webinar market is showing strong annual growth too. There are several reasons for this, not least that webinars are very effective. They also generate significant cost savings. Plus webinars are personal, live and interactive.

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Learn Beyond Curriculum We aim to enhance our strength beyond the curriculum by training our members to their fullest potential